Geometric Modelling

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While working with Computer Graphics at IIST. I was assigned the task of studying various methods for re-creating real-world objects. To begin with, I studied the Geometric Modelling method. This required me to study multiple mathematical algorithms and concepts like bezier curves, fractals for the successful re-creation of shapes and different lighting models like Monte-Carlo ray-tracing method.

The result for the same is displayed below:

Image created using geometric modeling

After successfully creating the above environment, I decided to use 5dt Data Gloves to navigate through the system and give an immersive 3D animation. I used the Vizard platform to perform the animation.

Geometric Modelling presented some major disadvantages, from being labor-intensive to time-consuming. Thus, I used the 3D warping technique. In this, several 2-D images were used, and after mapping the corresponding pixels in these images, Point Cloud Library was used to create their 3-D model in OpenCV using python. The result for the same is displayed below:

Image Based Rendering 3d Warping technique Image Based Rendering 3d Warping technique

After the above implementation, I performed a comparative study of Geometric Modeling and Image based Rendering.Pre-print for which is at Arxiv.